• Plaza Murillo

    Socabaya, La Paz, Bolivia .

    The Plaza Murillo is the central plaza of the city of La Paz and the open space most connected to the political life of Bolivia. Prominent buildings on the plaza include the Presidential Palace, National Congress of Bolivia, and the Cathedral of La Paz.

  • Museo de la Coca

    Linares 906, La Paz, Bolivia .

    The Coca Museum covers the history of the coca plant from the Andean region and related drug cocaine. It is associated with the International Coca Research Institute in La Paz, the government seat in Bolivia. A travelling version of the museum is available.

  • Catedral Metropolitana Basílica Nuestra Señora

    Junin, La Paz, Bolivia .

    The Cathedral Basilica of Our Lady of Peace, also called La Paz Cathedral, is a cathedral and minor basilica is located in Murillo Square in the city of La Paz in Bolivia. It was built in 1835 with a neoclassical architecture with Baroque elements. It has an interior consisting of five naves with different layers. 

  • Cable Car

    La Paz, Bolivia .

    Cable Car Station for White and Light blue Lines. Amazing Views of the city, the ticket per person per way cost 3 Bs. or almost 0.50 USD, a great way to enjoy the city of La Paz.


    Av. la Bandera, La Paz, Bolivia .

    Impressive lookout with 360º views of the city of La Paz


    Sagarnaga 173, La Paz, Bolivia .

    The Minor Basilica of San Francisco of the city of La Paz, Bolivia, is a catholic temple under the invocation of St. Francis of Assisi. It is located in the center of the city. It is part of the convent complex that gives its name to the adjacent Plaza Mayor de San Francisco.

    In August 1549 the construction of the first Church of San Francisco began, which would be completed in 1581. The architecture of the temple corresponds to the denominated Mestizo Baroque or Andean Baroque, the plant is of Latin cross and the cover is vaulted. It has a large atrium that is currently integrated with the adjacent public spaces forming the Plaza Mayor of the city. The facade of three bodies is profusely ornamented in columns, bases and niches, all of them built in carved stone.