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Stannum Hotel

Stannum Boutique Hotel & Spa.


Avenida Arce No. 2631
Torre Multicine, Piso 12

Places to Visit

Cable Car

The yellow line is located just 5 minutes away by taxi from the Hotel, you can also walk if you are able to breath since it’s uphill. The walk or ride will be worth it once you get there, the views are simply amazing.

Moon Valley

Moon Valley, located just 15 miles away from the city of La Paz, is a very unique landscape filled with rock formations that have been formed through thousands of years of erosion

Tihuanacu Ruins

Tihuanacu ruins, considered the cradle of South American civilization, the remains of the civilization that inhabited this city more than 3000 years ago, we demonstrate its high technical and artistic level.

Andean Summits

Andean Summits, from La Paz, you can discover stunning peaks and glaciers, the majority of more than 6,000 meters above sea level Illimani, Huayna Potosi, Condoriri Illampu Sajama ... A few hours away, the Cordillera Real.

Titicaca Lake

Lake Titicaca, many legends surrounding this lake and contributes to their mystery. You can glide through its waters aboard a reed raft, surprisingly for its high strength and impermeability, or stroll through the islands of the Sun, Moon and Suriqui are unique experiences that will make you live emotions really amazing.

Witches market

“Witches market”, also know as “Mercado de las Brujas”, found on Calle Santa Cruz and Linares, pretty close to San Francisco church. A very unusual market where you can find anything from local handcraft shops up to curious merchandise like herbs, folk remedies, as well as a few more unconventional ingredients intended to manipulate the various spirits worshipped by the local Aymará people.

Murillo Square

Located in the heart of the city, named after Pedro Domingo Murillo (1759-1810), it is the cenetr of the political power over the years. Just by the square there is the Cathedral, Government Palace and the Congress.

Calle Jaen

Calle Jaen, one of the few places in the city with preserved colonial buildings, currently housing several interesting museums

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